Lower Kindergarten

Lower Kindergarten

The Lower Kindergarten is home to pupils of age 4 years.

Teachers engage children in activities that promote social development, fine and gross motor skills, and the foundations for literacy and numeracy preparing students for the structured, academic learning. Learning activities that connect with Multiple Intelligences are embedded in daily class routine.

Program highlights :

E.Y.F.S (U.K) curriculum framework

Creativity Action Service (C.A.S) activities

WonderGrove learn multimedia life skill education

Xseed curriculum

Trinity Star stage 2 curriculum in language and creative art.

Lego Preschool curriculum (Maths Train, Build my Emotions & Cafe +)

Leapstart early years sports education

Co-curricular activities program

Class size is approximately 25 children + 1 teachers


Ashish Nursery S.No 130 1/C, Bhumkar Chowk, Wakad,
Pune - 411057

Telephone no : 7776904088

Email : office@ashishnursery.com

Office Timing : Monday to Friday (8.30 a.m to 12.30 p.m)

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