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News & Events

Trinity Stars stage 2

Date : 15, Apr 2020

    Trinity stars, young performers in English Award is affiliated to Trinity college of London.

Trinity Stars Stage-3

Date : 15, Apr 2020

        Trinity stars examiner Ms. Judith evaluated the students on 2 parameters

Sports Intramural

Date : 13, Mar 2020

Ashish Nursery conducted Sports Intramural in school premises. It was fun filled celebration for all

Santa Claus Visit

Date : 19, Dec 2019

Christmas was celebrated with great fun in Ashish Nursery.  A party was arranged for the students.  They

Sowing seeds Activity

Date : 04, Dec 2019

Nursery students experienced the nature activity “ Sowing Seeds ”.  Students learned by practically

Milk shake making Activity

Date : 11, Dec 2019

Kids love milkshake anytime of the year. Teacher demonstrated the method of making milk shake by showing

Visit to Star Market

Date : 10, Dec 2019

A field trip to the ‘Star market’ was

Thanksgiving Day at Madhur bhav

Date : 05, Dec 2019

Ashish Nursery visited the prestigious old age home Madhur bhav, Jagtap dairy on Thursday 5th

Thanksgiving Day in School

Date : 28, Nov 2019

On Thursday 28th November 2019 Ashish Nursery celebrated Thanksgiving Day. Students brought

Fire fighter's Visit

Date : 29, Nov 2019

To educate kindergarten students about importance of fire safety there was a fire fighting drill arranged

Pajama Party

Date : 26, Nov 2019

The school had organized the most interesting event Pajama Party for the students of Nursery on

Neighbourhood Visit

Date : 18, Nov 2019

The students of U.KG had a school neighbourhood walk. They observed different places around the school such as shops, hostel, buildings,

Children's Day

Date : 14, Nov 2019

on 14th  November  Children's Day was celebrated which is one of the best day for kids to

Morning Greeting

Date : 14, Nov 2019

Classroom greetings can lead to better behaviour , a more positive classroom atmosphere , and a sense of


Date : 08, Nov 2019

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math continue to influence and shape the world we live in. 

Handwashing Day

Date : 14, Oct 2019

With an objective to educate kids about handwashing. Teachers of Nursery section conducted an activity "

Navratri Celebration

Date : 04, Oct 2019

Navratri is famous festival celebrated with joy and reverence. Students  enjoyed garba and dandiya with great enthusiasm and excitement

Colours week

Date : 17, Sep 2019

Colour plays an important role in our life.Colours can sway thinking, change actions.

Post office Visit

Date : 13, Sep 2019

In today's e-mail world the tiny tots of U.K.G visited the Post office. The students were inculcated with

Gardener's Visit

Date : 29, Aug 2019

Gardener's Visit held on 29th Aug 2019. Gardener explained how to maintain the beauty of garden and shared information about

Colouring Competition

Date : 27, Aug 2019

    Colours are brighter when the mind is open. Ashish Nursery insists an awakening joy in creative

Rakhi Making Competition.

Date : 13, Aug 2019

Raksha Bandhan is a precious and pious occasion to celebrate the beauty of love between brother and sister.

Visit to the School Garden.

Date : 13, Aug 2019

Nursery students enjoyed walking in the garden. They experienced nature through the use of various senses.

Sim-Sim's Birthday Party

Date : 23, Jul 2019

Nursery students celebrated their class puppet Sim-Sim's birthday party.They sung birthday song, danced and

School Visit

Date : 16, Jul 2019

Nursery students visited the school campus. Students explored different places in school like - Auditorium, Library, School Office.

Handprint Activity

Date : 03, Jul 2019

Making Handprint craft is an excellent way for children to be creative, artistic and a fun way to preserve memories. Nursery students

International Yoga Day

Date : 21, Jun 2019

 " Yoga is a light which once lit will never dim,  the better you practice the brighter you flame ".

On 21st June, 2019 

First Day in Ashish Nursery School

Date : 19, Jun 2019

  Teachers welcomed the students with a pleasant smile. Parents & students were very curious to see their classrooms & to know

Trinity Stars 2018 -19

Date : 29, Mar 2019

Trinity Stars, young performers in English Award is affiliated to Trinity College of London. It is designed to encourage teaching and

Santa Claus Visit

Date : 21, Dec 2018

Students of Ashish Nursery had a lot of fun at Christmas Party. They enjoyed their favorite snacks and were excited to meet Santa

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