Learn Social & Life Skills with WONDERGROVE LEARN.Click here

Learn Social & Life Skills with WONDERGROVE LEARN.Click here

Date : 09, Feb 2021

Ashish Nursery is proud to introduce WonderGrove social skills program for Kindergarten students.
WonderGrove social skills program is part of Active Virtual School Program 2021-2022 

WonderGrove Social Skills is an digital tool designed to teach social-emotional learning and life skills using :
Engaging animated characters practicing Model Appropriate Behavior.
225 instructional animated videos with engaging characters and age-appropriate stories.
2,000 extension lessons connecting each social story to classroom content learning.
Classroom Hands-on learning by role play and activities.

Children will learn about wide range of areas:
School Readiness
Daily challenges of life, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Social-Emotional Learning
Life Skills
Health & Science
Safety & Nutrition
Fitness & Creative Play
Music & Special Events



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