The Way of Life

The Way of Life

  • I ought to think at all times how my every action will affect others in my life - parents, friends,teachers and everyone younger than myself.
  • I ought not to touch anything that is not mine, unless with permission or unless I am being helpful.
  • I ought to be polite to everybody at all times and be positive in my actions.
  • I ought to listen to and consider carefully the guidance given to me by my teachers and parents, and then act in the right spirit.
  • I ought to remember that in life my aim should be to solve problems not cause them, to build bridges rather than knock them down, to trust others and to be trusted, to put the need of others first and mine last, to improve and make better whatever or whomever I am involved with.
  • I ought to treat all others as I would want to be treated myself.
  • I ought to take a personal interest in how other people feel.
  • I ought to take responsibility for my maturity by ensuring I assist in the smooth running of the school and my home.
  • I ought to report immediately any damage or unfortunate behaviour to my teachers and/or my parents.
  • I ought, at all times, to be totally honest to myself and to others.


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